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Angel Card Reading Course | Vivian Osal
Archangel Gabriel

The word Angel comes from the Greek word ángelos, which means, “messenger”. Angelic beings are “Living Light Intelligences” radiating from the Heart Seed of the Unified Field of Divinity. In this unified field in the universe exists all consciousness. This “universe” is not a place “out there,” but instead it is within All.

Angels are the highest vibrational guides closest to human beings. They can, therefore, appear to us with human bodies and faces and communicate to us in ways that touch and expand us to experience the Eternal.

Angels carry the messages from “Source”, “God” to humans.  They whisper to our soul and stir our intuition. They motivate us and attract us to graceful acts and a deepening experience of our eternal connection to the All.

Invite Angels into your life, open up your focus to receive them and they will make their presence known.


What You Will Learn During the Angel Light Course

In this one-day intensive course, you will be guided to meet 15 of the main Archangels. This will give you in-depth understanding and knowledge to navigate through the angelic realm. You will learn to connect with the Archangels and strengthen your intuition to facilitate messages for you and your clients.

 Topics covered during the Angel Light Reading Course

  • The Archangels
  • 3rd Eye Activation
  • Angel Numbers
  • Four main types of communications with the Angels
  • Develop your intuition
  • Angel Colours and Crystals
  • How to do an Angel card reading
  • And so much more ❤

During the class, there will be discussions, exercises, and the opportunity of doing Angel readings for yourself and others.

A prerequisite for the Angel Light Reading certification course is to have the experience of receiving an Angel reading in the past year.  It’s important you have the experience of receiving angel messages prior to taking the course. Click to learn more about an Angel reading.

Students will receive a comprehensive manual, Archangel Oracle Cards, and Angel Light Practitioner Certificate.

Time: 10am to 6pm

Dates: Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fee: $300

Private Class

If you are unable to attend the class in person or you wish to have a private course, then consider a one on one training of Angel Light Reading Course via FaceTime/Skype or in person at my office.  I’m available Monday to Friday for private training. The private class fee is $800 Contact me with your preferred dates and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.


Angel Light Reading Certificate Course Fee


Feedback from students…

“My experience during the Angel attunement was nothing I’ve experienced before!!  The room filled up with Angels, there we so many surrounding us! It was an incredible feeling of unconditional love and support.  Thank you, Vivian, for holding the space for us to experience the intelligent presence of Angels!!  A.C.”

“As a child, I was aware of the presence of Angels, I clearly remember seeing and speaking to them. Later on, in my teens, I shut down the conversation. It was difficult for other people to understand, and the truth is I just wanted to fit in, I wanted to stop being so different from everyone else.  Fast forward a couple of decades, and once again I started to feel their presence. I reached out to Vivian to assist me to open myself up to Angelic communication. The course was a day of remembering and reconnecting. I am so grateful for Vivian’s guidance, a facilitator into other dimensions! Christy L.”