Channeled Message 01/31/17

Spirit asks you to identify what in your life is no longer serving you. What situation or person feels like it’s crushing your soul, leaving you feeling empty, or unsupported? Whether it is something big or small, begin to take (even) steps to align yourself on a path which is positive and supportive of you and what you wish to create.

Stand back, shift your perspective and examine the challenges before you. Recognize the situation you are in is a tremendous opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Ask the question, “What are you here to teach me? What is beneath this pain/fear/stagnation?” Remember, at this time, you are experiencing an acceleration on what is manifesting in your life, pay close attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as they are the catalyst for creation.

Archangel Michael asks you to go into meditation, quiet contemplation. In your mind’s eye, see the sun showering you with bright tiny specks of golden light. Breathe deeply and observe the transformation bathing you in Light. Can you believe how amazing you Are? Invite the golden energy to gather at your Solar Plexus’ and ripple throughout your whole body, spreading light rays in all directions. Don’t be afraid of being seen. Don’t be scared to listen to your inner voice and respond to your truth. Be who you are. Once you begin reconnecting to your essence, ¬†you will experience life more fulfilling, more joyful, more peaceful, more loving and more authentic.

Be in Peace and Joy.