Healing Energy Transmission

Come and sit closer to yourself.

For a very long while, you have been inching away. As if your slow movements were not being noticed, but they have been. You have been caught up in your distractions for so long, and it has become your new normal. The new  “norm” is not comfortable because it is not who you are or even deeper down, who you wish to be.

Come back to yourself and listen to your song that has always been present. The song that has always wanted to be sung.

You say “I don’t know…”. We say, “trust and be patient.” No one has experienced profound growth in any area of their life without the quiet contemplation that occurs in stillness.

Recharge your energies by plugging into the Earth. Ignite your imagination by moving seats. As perceptions change, so do the possibilities. The state of Enlightenment sits above with the grandest view.

May you come to know your Divine Brilliance.
Aila, channeled by Vivian Osal