Align to Cosmic Mind for Manifestation, Spiritual Growth & Higher Consciousness

In this meditation session, I will be guiding you on a journey to become aware and reunite with your multidimensional self. This tour will move you through several levels of reality, where you will come to understand the multidimensional aspects of your being.

I created this meditation with the beginner and advanced meditator in mind. As you progress and become more comfortable with the process, you will experience a deepening in your practice and intuitively be guided to “open the door” to advance to the next level.

This meditation will teach you to open and expand areas of creativity, co-creation, Love and higher states of consciousness, by unifying with Divine Source Intelligence.

This meditation is for the novice and advanced spiritual seeker

Solfeggio Healing Frequency

The Multi-Dimensional Meditation CD is embedded with frequencies of the ancient Solfeggio tones that are known to generate positive and healing effects on listeners. We have infused these tones into the audio to enhance your journey of awareness and bring you into harmony with your multidimensional self.

We carefully chose the 963 Hz Solfeggio frequency because it has been well researched and found to produce energy which awakens and restores the spirit to its original, perfect state. This frequency cleanses, and aligns with high vibrational Light energy and puts you in connection to God-consciousness, a return to Oneness.