Hypnosis at Childbirth
Dr. Nancy Durand on CityLine
Hypnosis During Surgery
Dr. Barry Ramo on Action 7 News
Invasive Surgery Using Self Hypnosis
Warning: Graphic Surgical Scenes
Ellen Degeneres uses Hypnosis to
Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy in Hospitals

As hospitals increasingly acknowledge the therapeutic value of hypnotherapy, hypnotherapists are now looking toward putting their work under scientific scrutiny. Clinical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, may still be a new buzzword to many doctors here in Malaysia, but it is no stranger to Harvard Medical School associate professor of psychiatry Dr David C Henderson.
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Eckhart is a Changed Man Thanks to Hypnosis

Hollywood actor AARON ECKHART has credited hypnosis with changing his life forever after he used the practice to give up smoking and alcohol. The Erin Brockovich actor was a heavy drinker and smoker in the past – and he never thought it would be possible to quit his vices. But after undergoing hypnosis treatment Eckhart became a changed man,
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Hypnosis Before Breast Cancer Surgery Helps Recovery

Women who undergo hypnosis just before breast cancer surgery need less anesthetic and experience lower levels of pain and other side-effects following the operation, a study has found. The U.S. study also found that patients who had a hypnosis session with a psychologist an hour before surgery spent less time in the O.R. – about 11 minutes, on average – resulting in significant cost savings, mainly due to reduced operating time
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Losing it: Dateline ultimate diet challenge

If you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and already you’ve blown it, here is some inspiration to help get you back on track. A year ago, we met six mh2bers of the class of 1978, all wanting to shed pounds before their 25th high school reunion this past fall.
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Alternative Cancer Treatments

Many people with cancer are interested in trying complh2entary and alternative cancer treatments. If cancer makes you feel as though you have little control over your health, alternative cancer treatments may offer some hope.
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Hypnosis Can Help Shed Weight Without Pill Popping

Judy Lederman has struggled with her weight all her life, and said hypnosis helped her lose 95 pounds. “I’ve tried every diet known to man,” she said.

Not wanting to deal with another diet, she went to a hypnotist. At the time, Lederman weighed 224 pounds. Initially, she was skeptical. Not so, when she saw the results.
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Hypnosis in Surgery: Efficacy, Specificity, and Utility

No phenomenon of hypnosis is more dramatic than analgesia, and none has more potential for clinical application. Nevertheless, hypnosis has had a hard time taking its rightful place in the standard of care for patients in pain
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