What is Past Life Regression?

This is an interview by “Plenty The Magazine“. It was so much fun to talk about the exciting work I’m honoured and privileged to do, and to discuss how our past life experiences can be impacting us in the present, and the profound healing that can come from performing a Past Life Regression.

Many years ago, before I had children, I worked as a fifth grade teacher. Midway through the year, I arrived at school armed with a bust of Nefertiti, an oversized map of the Nile and a stack of books about King Tut ready to teach the eager 10 year-olds about the history and mystery of ancient Egypt.

About a week into the study, a young student grew fearful while viewing a movie about ceremonial burials. The next day she was absent from class and there was a message from her mother for me to contact her. When I called the mother I was not prepared for the conversation that ensued. She told me that her daughter is sensitive to the subject of ancient Egypt . . . because she had in a previous life been a young Egyptian boy in ancient times and had experienced a horrific death.

I am surprised that I didn’t drop the phone. I stammered that I understood (I did not) and that I would try to be supportive (um, how?) before hanging-up but for years after I was intrigued about what this mother had shared.

Fast forward to this month’s theme, Wonders & Curiosities, I finally had the perfect excuse to delve more into the idea of Past Life Regression.

When looking for an expert in past life regression and energy healing, I knew a simple Google search wouldn’t yield the results I wanted. I didn’t want to weed through schemers and opportunists. I wanted a respected practitioner. So when Jill England, a yoga teacher and energy healer, recommended Vivian Osal with the endorsement that she’s the best, I knew that I had found the one.

I arrived at Vivian’s office and took a seat in the waiting room. It’s a banal, generic waiting room complete with outdated magazines, poster art and plants. I was hoping to see an eccentric cast of characters adorned with flowing robes and smelling of incense all waiting to healed. Instead, sadly, everyone looked just like me – stuffed into winter coats and fumbling with ours phones while desperately avoiding eye contact. Continue Reading…