Soul Portrait of Vivian Osal ~ By Kesara Dennet

I work with my clients based on where they are right now in their lives, and clearing barriers from the past preventing them from creating and living a more fulfilling life. Universal Intelligence shows us where to look for the blocks of energy creating the imbalances within our bodies or the drama in our lives. Using this guidance, I am able to uncover the trapped emotions and work together with you to move into a space of awareness and personal alignment, from this place of freedom, the spiritually dynamic individual is able to create the life they have always wanted to live.

Sometimes clients are unsure where to start with their healing, clearing process. As an initial consultation for first-time clients, I suggest coming in for an Integrated Session, this will give us the time to discuss and begin the processes of unfolding. Of course, you may come in for a very specific session, with a very particular approach – it is completely up to you where you wish to commence because there isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ place to begin.

Regardless of the tools used, my approach remains to assist the individual into a place of calm and clarity, the base for a solid foundation so that moving forward the perspective that the client is approaching their situation remains aligned with the highest good of the source of who they are.

I invite you to take a look through my services to familiarize yourself with what I offer. You will find descriptions for each service and the fee details listed at the bottom of every service page. Do not hesitate to email or call me to discuss your particular situation.