Soul Portrait of Vivian Osal ~ By Kesara Dennet

Working Together …

We begin working together from the space you are currently in your life and from this place set the trajectory based on your intentions. We will identify and clear barriers holding you back from living a more fulfilling and successful life. Universal Intelligence shows us where to look for the energy blocks creating the imbalances within the whole body system; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas. Using the guidance of Cosmic Mind, I am able to ‘see’ trapped energy and guide you to move into a space of Consciousness awareness, transmutation, and alignment.

You are a  spiritually dynamic individual, and understanding the multidimensional aspects of who you are will ignite a state of freedom to create the life you have always wanted to live.

For your initial consultation, I suggest booking an Integrated Session. This activating two-hour session will give us the time to do a combination of channeling, spiritual guidance, pattern shifting, and energy healing. There is no set format, I will go with the ‘flow’ and remain present with what gets revealed to guide you to your highest good. You are an active participant the whole session. I guide you to tap into your Divine healing and knowledge. All that you need and desire is already within you.

With gratitude and love,

Personal sessions to inspire, heal and transform

Embark on your journey

Learn and implement new insights and tools for you to create your own path.
Discover a place of calm and clarity, aligned with the highest good of the source of who you are.