Working Together – Integrated Session

When I meet with you for an Integrated Session, we begin exploring where you are right Now in your life. I hold the space for you to connect with Universal Intelligence and Divine Spirit gently shows us where to look for the ‘blocks’ of energy creating the imbalances within our bodies or the drama in your lives. Using this guidance, I am able to uncover the trapped emotions and assist you to move into space where mind, body, and spirit are aligned.

Integrated Session | Vivian OsalRemember, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ place to begin when deciding to make any changes in your life. When you choose to transform one area it has a ripple effect that extends to your personal, family and friends and professional life; nothing is left untouched. By standing eye to eye with fear and allowing ourselves to move through its illusionary chains, we are able to experience a profound sense of empowerment, and freedom.

My approach is to assist you into a place of calm and clarity. This is the basis for a solid foundation, moving forward you can remain aligned with Source for the highest good. In other words, by aligning our inner spiritual life with our outer life, we are able to clear away the mental, emotional and physical clutter. Calm and clarity allow us to hear the personal messages from our soul, to discover our real propose so that we can create a life that supports that purpose.

An Integrated Session is generally focused on a particular challenge your life; overcoming fear, career change, the resolution to a past/present conflict or finding a life partner, etc. The session is designed to move you out of the ‘block’ and into a bright space of inspiration. We will move into an intuitive exploration utilizing a variety of interactive tools specific to your needs for nurturing long-lasting positive changes.

No matter what the focus of the session, you will become connected with your authentic self. I will assist you to create an action plan for achieving your goals. A practical approach to creating a life that reflects who you truly are and how you want to live.

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